Art Exhibition and Auction


ENTRIES WELCOME – original or previously existing pieces

Viewing to begin at 11am
Auction to begin at 6pm

Entries to be handed in to the office at the Town Hall by the 20th June for sorting. Please state that it’s for the Refugee Art Exhibition/Auction when handing in pieces. Please also attach name of donor and artwork (and state if you are the original artist).


Life in Lesbos: “The Children’s Feet Are Rotting – You Guys Have One Month and Then All These People Will Be Dead”

“There are thousands of children here and their feet are literally rotting, they can’t keep dry, they have high fevers and they’re standing in the pouring rain for days on end. You have one month guys, and then all these people will be dead”.

Those were the final words of Dr Linda on the phone, a doctor that our volunteer organisations (Help Refugees and CalAid) had asked to fly out to Lesbos in response to an emergency cry for help from an overwhelmed volunteer on the ground.

The weight of those words and the responsibility that comes with them felt crippling. But why are we, a film maker, a radio presenter, and a music assistant being tasked with this responsibility? Shouldn’t, as we had presumed, the large charities and governments be taking the charge of care for the precious lives arriving on Europe shores?

Another call came in – this time from volunteers in Serbia – the refugees are burning plastic bags to keep warm, they have nothing else, they are freezing to death, and the fumes from the bags are slowly poisoning them, please send help.

Then another – this time from volunteers on Lesbos trying to find out how to order body bags en masse… will they have to resort this? Time will tell, but certainly people there have already started to die. Continue reading

Musicians turn out in solidarity with refugees

The Dirty Lemons performing at Islesburgh as part of yesterday's Solidarity Through Music fundraiser. Photo: Chris Brown
The Dirty Lemons performing at Islesburgh as part of yesterday’s Solidarity Through Music fundraiser. Photo: Chris Brown

SOLIDARITY Through Music managed to raise over £1,000 for refugees on Saturday in a packed eight-hour fundraising event featuring over 10 musical acts in Islesburgh.

Artists who had turned out to support the cause covered the whole spectrum of music in the isles, included Lisa Ward, the Donald Anderson Band, the Blue Melts, the Dirty Lemons, Full Swing, Deja Vu, Annalie Irvine, Alan McKay and Robert Bennet.

Billed special guests Skerryvore, unfortunately, had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict, but made sure to give a donation. Amnesty Shetland members were on hand to lend their support and councillor Gary Cleaver was sound engineer for the day.

Shetland again demonstrated its famous generosity towards good causes with locals showing up en masse to get a look at the acts on show, and over a dozen local businesses contributed towards the raffle “without hesitation”, including a grand prize of a £500 mattress of choice from Home Furnishings.

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